EST. 1975

Chillo entero frito

Fried or broiled whole red snapper


Filete de Chillo a la Parrilla

Broiled red snapper filet in chardonnay and butter


Filete de Salmón

Broiled salmon filet in butter, lemon and sherry wine sauce


Filete de Atún en salsa de mostaza, miel y alcaparras

Tuna filet in mustard, honey and capers sauce


Filete de Mero a la Parrilla

Broiled Grouper filet in butter and Sauvingnon Blanc


Filete de Rodaballo en vino y mantequilla

Halibut filet in wine and butter


Spanish style rice cooked with lobster, shrimps, octopus, calamari, mussels, clams and pieces of fish


Arroz con Calamares

Calamari cooked with rice



Rice cooked with meat landcrab


Ensalada de Pulpo

Cold octopus salad in native vinaigrette



Sea food stew Spanish style



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